Artificial Reef Sponsor Program

Whether you want to give back to the ocean, to the sport of fishing, or heck just help out your favorite captain - this is your chance.

The reef sponsorship program is designed to maintain the fishery while providing you with private coordinates and built in hours of fishing with Ocean Ox Charters. 

Snapper Ribbon.png

level 1: Snapper

Designed to attract most all reef fish, especially the snapper family.


  • Private coordinates to your reef
  • 20 QT K2Cooler
  • 10 Hours of Fishing
  • Florida Special Reef

$4,124 Value

Amberjack Level.png

Level 2: Amberjack

Designed to attract all reef fish, especially Amberjack and Kings. 


  • Private coordinates to your reef 
  • 20 QT K2Cooler
  • 18 Hours of Fishing
  • Florida Limestone Reef

$5,744 Value

Grouper Level.png

Level 3: Grouper

Designed to attract Grouper, as well suitable for Triggerfish.


  • Private coordinates to your reef
  • 60 QT K2Cooler
  • 24 Hours of Fishing 
  • Grouper Reef

$7,324 Value

Artificial reef information

Alabama and Florida are the only states where it is legal to build private artificial reefs.

Florida Special Reef

Over 10' tall with a 12' triangular base and have heavy steel panels (3/4 to 1 inch) fitted to the sides. With 800 square feet of surface area and a weight of over 5,000 lbs., this tetrahedron concrete frame is one of the strongest structures known and has withstood several hurricanes. Designed with a large footprint to prevent sinking or subsiding, it's expected to last 50 to 2000 years (depending on which engineer you ask). These artificial reefs produce approximately 500 lbs. of American Red Snapper per year. 

Florida Limestone Reef

The 8' Florida Limestone artificial reef is a 6,000 lb. concrete structure built to withstand storm events. It has a 10' footprint designed to prevent settling and scouring. The limestone rock gives it a greater surface area and complexity which attracts marine life.


The grouper reef is designed as a grouper habitat. It is proven that grouper prefer a cave or ledge to dwell in. The grouper reef is 5 ft. x 10 ft. wide and 3 ft. tall. It has a special flanged base to help prevent sinking into the sand or the seafloor. Florida limestone rock is embedded into the top of the structure to add complexity.

All reefs are made by a local reef maker in Orange Beach, AL.

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